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Its the part of the day which no matter how many weddings we have worked on in the past, the Beach Weddings Bournemouth crew still get really excited about! The Brides Wedding Dress. OK so yes, we have seen quite a few Wedding Dresses by now but the anticipation and then the moment of actually seeing the Bride in her dress gets us every time! Hearing the gasps and the ‘wow’s from the guests and the Groom as the Bride walks down the aisle is always a very special moment.

Beach Weddings remain romantic and atmospheric yet bring a more relaxed feeling for both the couple and their guests, allowing everyone to enjoy a day full of laughter and happiness. Therefore many couples wish for their wedding attire to be less formal to reflect the atmosphere of their special day.

There is a huge choice available for Brides today meaning there is something to suit every Brides style and taste. Whilst some dream of a fairy tale big white dress, others of you may prefer something a little simpler. Although at Beach Weddings Bournemouth we provide a coconut matting aisle to keep your dress off the sand, a simpler or shorter design may be more fitting, allowing you to dip your toes in the sea on your big day!

There are no set rules for a Beach Wedding dress and it is much down to personal taste, however a Beach Wedding does allow for more experimenting in length, colour and style. Lighter fabrics can be more suitable for Beach Wedding dresses, but be careful of combining lighter fabrics with shorter style dresses- you don’t want your dress to blow up in a gust of sea air! A Beach Wedding is also the perfect setting with a more relaxed atmosphere if you wish to be bolder with the colour of your gown.  If you’re not feeling quite this brave but still want to wear something more unique or fun, experimenting with the colours and prints of accessories may be the way to go. One of our Brides chose fabulous shoes with an ice cream print on them- really fitting and fun yet very stylish and a lovely memento from the day. More on ideas for accessories to come in a later blog entry!

Most of our Brides so far have chosen simpler yet stunning designs, proving the point that sometimes less is in fact more, whilst others have stuck to more traditional gowns, demonstrating that you an still wear the fairy-tale traditional white dress when getting married on the beach and it doesn’t look out of place.

Have a look at a few ideas for beach wedding dresses below which we think are all very romantic and enchanting yet relaxed and perfect for the Beach!

Firstly a few ideas for those who would still like to wear a full length gown or something which still has an air of a traditional white gown

Image courtesy of www.dessy.com

We love this Grecian style one shoulder dress its very romantic and floaty and fits perfectly with the beach setting.

Image courtesy of www.jennypackham.com
Image courtesy of www.jennypackham.com

Stunning. The shoulder ruffles look a little like flowers to us, giving the dress a real tropical Hawaiian feel.

Image courtesy of www.dessy.com

A style that some may regard as a more traditional gown but equally as perfect for a Beach Wedding.

Image courtesy of www.carolinecastigliano.co.uk

The beauty of this dress is in it’s simplicity. Sometimes simple gowns can be equally if not more striking than more complicated designs.

Image courtesy of www.jennypackham.com

We think this dress wouldn’t look out of place at a summer garden party, so if you’re opting for a vintage feel to your day with our Afternoon Tea menu option, this dress could be perfect for you. The pleating is simply stunning, making the dress very feminine and dreamy.

A few ideas for those of you who would prefer a shorter style

Image courtesy of www.jennypackham.com

This 1950’s Prom Dress style Gown is prefect for a paddle in the waters after the ceremony- would make for some amazing photos!

Image courtesy of www.monsoon.co.uk

This shorter style Gown from Monsoon retains romance and beauty with the lace overlay and diamante detailing around the neckline.

Image courtesy of www.monsoon.co.uk

We think this tunic is perfect for Beach Weddings- the embroidery and chiffon sleeves makes this dress very elegant and enchanting.

And for those of you feeling a little braver and really wanting to embrace the location in the theme of your day…..

Image courtesy of www.digforvictoryclothing.com

This nautical style prom dress is great fun and very in-keeping but feminine and would still make you feel like a princess for the day!

Image courtesy of www.katsluxury.com

This Chanel dress is just amazing and a real show-stopper! OK so it’s a far cry from the traditional white gown, but why not? It has the ‘wow factor’ but is fun and relaxed, just how your day should be. The point is, it’s your day so you should wear what you want to wear!

Don’t forget to pay a visit to some of our local wedding dress boutique friends who will be sure to help and advise you on the best dress to pick for your wedding:

Michelle and her team over at Bliss Bridal Christchurch

Natalie at her stunning boutique on the Lymington Quay – Exquisite Bridal

Tracie and her team at Fab Frocks of Westbourne

We can’t wait to see what you pick!

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