Alternatives to confetti for your beach wedding

Confetti throwing at weddings is steeped in history but its not for everyone.  Modern confetti as we know it seems to date back to the 19th century and was popularised by the Victorians.  Its thought that the throwing of paper confetti originated out of the custom of throwing rice, leaves, flowers and even grains over the newleyweds.  The word “confetti” is used in both English and French and the meaning is the paper showered over the couple at weddings.  However the word comes from the Italian word meaning “confectionery” and when Italians refer to confetti they mean sweets such as sugared almonds or candied fruit which they give out as gifts on special occasions.

Rice has pretty much gone out of fashion in the UK – a little on the painful times its thought!  Grain and seeds whilst rustic and probably still used at some weddings could also be a little heavy when thrown over the bride and groom and the pigeons may have a little feast!

Here are a few pictures of some of our favourite confetti shots from our couples’ weddings over the past few seasons

One of our 2011 couples during their confetti shower

Image courtesy of Angela Ward Brown Photography

Katie and Ben from spring 2011 – all the friends and family joined in with this shot – stunning natural petals

in matching cones for the confetti shot

Image courtesy of  Sally Adams, freelance Photographer

Paul and Helen and their confetti shot as they left the Church together

Image courtesy of Amanda Clay Photography

Helen and Miles recent Christmas wedding

Image credit – Digitally Different Photography

Make sure that you decide with your photographer in advance that  you would like a confetti shot and a rough idea of when during the day that shot will be taken.  It can take some time to get guests organised so enlist some assistance for the photographer for this – someone to give out the confetti and help to get everyone in the right space – close to the bride and groom and to throw when directed by the photographer so to be sure that they catch it!

If you are looking for confetti thats a little different then you can get all shapes and colours of paper confetti.  Do check with your Church / venue to make sure that paper confetti is permitted.  A lot of Churches and venues now specifically ask for biodegradable confetti or for natural petals only.  You can purchase natural petals from a huge range of flowers now and they are usually freeze dried to preserve them to ensure that they wont stain your dress on the day.  Do be careful creating your own confetti by cutting paper which contains any kind of ink as any wet confetti / wet weather conditions could mean that you end up having a stained dress!

If you are getting married with us at Beach Weddings Bournemouth then we permit natural petals so indulge in your favourite petal / scent and enjoy.  Why not provide your guests with baskets of your petals to grab a handful for your confetti shot as you exit our marquee?  You could also put into pretty cones or fill up mini buckets to keep in with the beach theme.  You can also fill little organza bags with confetti and have a flower girl hand these out to your guests for you.

For a rustic wedding you could also go for leaves – collect your own and dry them out over time before the wedding and store in jars when dry and hand out on the day as with the confetti petals.

Image credit –

So, what about some traditional confetti alternatives – well, there are loads!  How about using bubbles?  Great idea for the beach – really soft and pretty and looks stunning in the photographs and you can get all the guests including children involved in this one

Provide your guests with baskets of little bottles of bubbles – which can be personalised with the date of the wedding and names of the bride and groom if you like – and ask them to form a line for the bride and groom to walk between – great idea – fun and relaxed

Image below – bride and groom walk amongst the bubbles blown by guests

Image credit –

A guest with bubbles at a wedding ready for the bride and groom

Wedding Bubbles

If you are having a night time wedding or perhaps when the bride and groom are leaving for their honeymoon how about use of sparklers – really effective and great fun – so different as seen below

wedding nontraditional, sparklers

Sparklers – great idea for an evening celebration instead of confetti or a wedding taking place on Fireworks Night?

Image courtesy of

What about balloons – great for guests to have hold of some colour co-ordinated balloons which can then be let go up into the sky – maybe even with little messages tied on

Image credit –

Pom Poms are also a lovely idea – popular in the US and making an appearance in the UK – great alternative to traditional paper confetti

Image credit –

Cute little pom poms in your wedding colours in little boxes tied with ribbon – guests can throw these instead of confetti – beautiful!

Guests lining the aisle for the bride and groom with cut coloured pom poms instead of confetti

Image credit –

And finally we could just not resist this image we came across as we know that some of our couples are looking forward to incorporating their surf board collections inside the marquee for their wedding at Beach Weddings Bournemouth – not strictly on the subject of confetti we know but aisle decoration!

A couple with a very different alter – you can use surf boards at Beach Weddings Bournemouth to decorate The Wedding Hut and the aisle and the marquee generally – great idea!

There you go – some ideas for you – what confetti will you be chosing and any other ideas you have tried or seen at other weddings?


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